Saudi Women

 Dar Al Hekma College. Hall entrance
 Dar Al Hekma College. Groovy Cafe.
 Hind and Hassad at home
 Café Le Nôtre in Mall centrium. Students meet University teachers
 Heba Jamal, fashion model, dress designer, and presenter on MBC channel. Here in Hilton Hall
 Amira Mashaat and her daughter Lana Angawi in front of the door of Angawi's house
 King Faisal Hospital, Doctor Selwa Al Hazzaa, head of Ophtalmology, Senior clinical Scientist
 Women workers in Saadedin chocolate factory, support by Al Nahda Pastery for sweets association
 Physics and chemistry lesson.
Dar Al Hekma private university
 Student at The Coffee Bean

Dar Al Hekma private university
 Koran classroom 
Dar Al Hekma private university
 Muna Alamer, student in management info system. 
Dar Al Hekma private university
 Maha Taher, co-founder, CEO & Chairman of the board at Young Initiative Group, at Teayana café
 Enas Hashani, Rumma press group director, Destination Jeddah's publisher, with her assistant Maria.
 Fatima Adib, fashion designer Haute Couture, Jeddah
 Nimah Nawwab, poet and writer at Al Andalousia, Jeddah
 At the MacDonald of Red Sea Mall, Jeddah
 The Young Businesses Expo at the International Exhibitions Center, Jeddah