Women of Isfahan, ten years later

 The girls often sing this song
« I wish I could return to Isfahan, to go once more to that half of the world.
There, I would sit down beside the Zayanderoud. I would sing verses and melodies from the bottom of my heart.»
July 1996
 July 1996. Azadeh accompanies her sister to buy the mirror for the wedding ceremony. One day, it will her turn. Is she dreaming about it?
July 2006. Azadeh got married with Mahdi, two months ago. It was through a neighbour who knew both families that they could meet.
 July 1996. Firouzeh wants to resume her medicine studies after her maternity leave. 
July 2006. Firouzeh has had a nice house built in Sepahansharh. She studied obstetric surgery. She’s been working for two years at Shahreza hospital.
 July 1996. Fati doesn't even think of her own future. She thinks only of her children, and wonders: “ Will I still be alive to see my children happy and successful? ” They will do better than she has, because they are studying.
July 2006. Fati live in a new modern apartment in the chic area of Isfahan. Since she moved to a new district, life is more pleasant, she feels better, more serene. Fati goes to Koran classes, learns to swim, and goes regularly to the hairdresser.
 July 1996. Akram has a promising future. She is a project leader at the Commission of Women Affairs. She invites me to her wedding ceremony. 
July 2006 “When we met each other when I was getting married, I was worried, I didn’t know my husband, even his family, and I was asking myself a lot of questions about  the future. During these ten years we have learnt to know each other.”
 July 1996. July 2006. Mojgan came to pick me up in her Peugeot 206.
While she’s driving, she answers the call on her mobile. I seize the opportunity to make a picture, I remember that I took one in the same situation, ten years ago.
 July 1996. July 2006. Nouchine still gives drawing lessons, she has her own classroom now. A lot of people in Isfahan have heard about her class, she has became famous. Nouchine exposes regularly her painting in Iran, she had an exhibition in Los Angeles.
 July 1996.Zeinab comes from a farmer’s family. She came to Isfahan in a poor district. 
July 2006. Zeinab got divorced and had to return to her village.‟I’m the one who wanted to get divorced. My husband was lazy‟. She's still weaving carpets for a shopkeep.
 July 2006. Ten years have gone, ten years since my first trip.
Isfahan was a distant memory, a memory from the past. Everything has become actual and present again, all the beauties of this city enchant my gaze and my heart.