Being twenty in Iran

 Friday prayer at Tehran's university.
 Ali dreams to go and live in Tehran and hope to go in America. Mehdi dreams to get married and have children. And he hopes God will give them health. Sori (Golestan Province)
 On the grave of the famous lyrical poet Hafez, Chiraz. Young people love this poet like their father, he is the father of their nation. Many references are made to him by asking a question or by opening a page by chance.
 In front of the city theatre, waiting for the opening. Tehran.
 Girls are showing a piece of hair under the veil. Tehran.
 Ashura, the day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, procession in the street. Men beat their chests as a sign of mourning.Tehran, Djavadiyeh district.
 Modesty requires women to look down as sign of respect. Looking up at someone means revealing him a bit and not forgetting him anymore. Iran, Bandar Abbas University.
 Ismat is at home and got two child. When her husband who is bus driver goes to work, she starts smoking narghile. Bandar Lenghe, South of Iran.
 New pleasure for friday afternoon, having fun biking on the new pist : a new feeling of freedom. Chitgar Park, Tehran.
 City Theatre, backstage. Sarah a young actress in the make up room before going on stage in a Woody Allen play. Iran, Tehran.
 Sassan lives in a village up to the mountains where there is no television, no phone, neither a road, nor a car, but only a radio.  Razah (Guilan).
 Up in the mountains, far away from everything, Sonia and her sister Mojgan, have no other distractions than to go and see their friends at the other village, at the other side of the forest, at one hour walk. Razah (Guilan).