Printemps Afghan à Kaboul

 A pregnant woman at Mirwais Clinic, Doctors of the World
 A woman farmer walking on the road in Lalandar near Kabul
 Mirwais Clinic, Doctors of the World 
After more than 20 years of war, a lot of mothers without income comes in this clinic to get free help and medecine for themselves and their child
 Soraya, journalist at Kabul weekly newspaper
 The TV newscaster
 Meeting of delegate women of the Lova Jirga (coming from different provinces of the country)
 A TV reporter at Pol e sharkhi, Information center on mine's danger for refugies who are coming back from Pakistan
 Malalaï High School (aghan-french)
dari farsi lessons
 Malalaï High School (aghan-french)
dari farsi lessons
 Rohina in her red dress during the wedding ceremony of her sister
 The day before Farzaneh's engagement ceremony, she will leave the family home to live with her husband who she doesn't know
 Wedding ceremony of Farzaneh and Hashil
 Opening ceremony of Loya Jirga on TV, during the speech of Hamid Karzai at Nabila home
 The beloved oncle
 Family reunion, tea and soup
 Friday, family on the road between Charikar and Jabal Saraj
 The women guest at a wedding ceremony
 In the Panshir valley, a kabouli family during a picnic next to the river Jabal Saraj